Welcome to the AccuRecord Home Page!  We're proud of our Y2K compliant defined contribution record keeping services and software and explain why on the following pages.

AccuRecord, Inc. is a leading provider of daily processing record keeping services and software to the 401(k) market.


AccuRecord offers a full array of daily record keeping administrative and compliance services to the financial services community.

Remote Access
AccuRecord offers the ability for financial service organizations to remotely connect to our mainframe system to provide plan administration and compliance testing for their own clients.

Direct Business
AccuRecord provides both plan administration and compliance testing for the corporate community.

CURE Software
The AccuRecord defined contribution benefits administration system is known as CURE© and runs on IBM mainframes or Novell PC Networks.  It accommodates both daily and traditional valuations.

PC Network (ARGOS)
CURE will run in a local or wide area network environment (ARGOS).

Nondiscrimination Software
We offer our standalone ADP/ACP software which performs the required testing and sophisticated corrective action to pass the different tests.

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